The Ministry of Health and National District Health Boards CIO Forum has partnered with Acumen BI and Qlik to deliver a Health Sector Pricing Model that will benefit all DHBs, national and regional health bodies, public health organisations and associated health non-governmental organisations.

Based on volume, the new pricing model will provide superior rates for organisations of all sizes and enable them to extend analytics throughout their operations.

The new pricing model will enable other healthcare organisations to take the next step in maximising the potential of their data. The aim is to empower them to maximise returns on one of their most valuable assets – data. What’s more, as additional organisations invest in the pricing model over time, the collective rate will continue to reduce.

Qlik software has proven it can handle the complexities, governance requirements and scale of healthcare analytics, becoming the analytics platform of choice for organisations including the Ministry of Health, Health Source, Waitemata DHB, Capital and Coast DHB and Counties Manukau DHB.

The video below outlines how Qlik is transforming healthcare at Waitemata DHB, showcasing advantages such as the following:

  • “A third of our workload is taken away, that is processed relatively automatically.”
  • “Things that used to take weeks and weeks, we can now see in real time.”
  • “We can walk out with solutions rather than debating what is actually going on.”

“Over 3,000 healthcare organisations are utilising Qlik within New Zealand and worldwide to get more value from their data. When leadership teams, business intelligence experts and clinicians are able to combine their experience and knowledge with all the data at their disposal, the potential is endless,” says Qlik director of healthcare and public sector APAC Charlie Farah.

“Through better use of data, we have seen organisations benefit in a variety of ways – from improved processes and patient outcomes to uncovering cost savings.”

One of Qlik’s strengths continues to be its vast and active healthcare community. Locally and globally, Qlik customers from the healthcare sector have been openly collaborating and sharing successes with each other. This is enabling the sector to learn best practices and quickly deliver more value back to their respective organisations.

Proof of this was on show at the Qlik health user group in November 2019 with more than 40 people attending and over 320 registrations (across 46 organisations) for a series of health webinars in 2019.

Details to showcase some of Acumen BI’s customers’ work-to-date can be found in the webinars listed below:

Qlik can be used across all aspects of an organisation, from operations to finance, and has the ability to scale so it can add value to key functions.

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, one where everyone can use data to improve decision making and solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organisations access and transform all their data into value.

Qlik helps companies lead with data to see more deeply into customer behaviour, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.

About Acumen BI

Acumen BI is an Elite Partner of Qlik in New Zealand, and has been leading the charge, bringing the capabilities of Qlik to the local health sector. With unrivalled experience, Acumen BI have been able to assist customers deliver at every stage of their analytics journey.



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