Innovations have arrived with the September 2020 releases from Qlik with the likes of conversational analytics, advanced analytics, and more.   

Significant improvements have also been made in visual analytics capabilities, advanced analytics and user experience. The September release is not just about analytics though, as it brings expansion to Qlik’s Data Integration platform with improved ETL performance and extended publishing options for cataloging.

Click on the images below to take a look and understand what’s new and improved:


Augmented Intelligence

To begin, Insight Advisor Chat is our brand new conversational analytics experience, built into Qlik Sense and available through the Qlik Sense SaaS hub. It gives more people a faster and easier way to ask questions across all their apps, to make data-driven decisions. We also added a new business logic layer to customize and guide the behavior of Insight Advisor when generating insights and interacting conversationally with users. And we now offer advanced analytics calculation to complement our real-time integration capabilities, beginning in this release with K-means clustering.

Insight Advisor now enhances a full range of user experiences in Qlik Sense. With search-based visual analysis, conversational analytics, associative insights, accelerated creation and data preparation, and advanced analytics – delivering the most competitive set of augmented capabilities on the market today, helping our users maximize the potential.   The full set of augmented features in this release are only available in SaaS but will soon be available in an upcoming release in client-managed (Windows). 

New search-based visual analysis chart types

When generating insights in search-based visual analysis, Insight Advisor will now auto-generate several new types of visualizations. These include:

  • Cluster Chart – Shows clusters using the new k-means clustering function.
  • Correlation Chart – Shows correlations using the correlation function.
  • Control Chart – Shows how a process changes over time.


Qlik SaaS and Hub Improvements

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS supports a vast amount of use cases to drive down the total cost of ownership for cloud migration. Some of the most exciting items are below:

  • Doubled the standard max app size in memory (up to 5GB) in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and have enabled unlimited data reloads and storage for all new and existing customers  
  • UI improvements for a more consistent and appealing experience
  • Hub improvements: including system notifications by email, chart history, improved data management
  • Qlik DataTransfer, our new utility to push on-premises data to the cloud 


Visualization Improvements

With every release, Qlik are fully committed to providing class-leading visualization enhancements. With the September release, Qlik have included new features like  a new animator to show changing data over time, improved reference lines, and several other highly requested visualization improvements. You can check out the visualization showcase app for a detailed look at these improvements.

Visual analytics improvements

  • Improved reference lines
  • Bar and line charts now include dimension based (vertical) reference lines with formatted labels, useful for enhancing charts with added detail along a time axis (such as start and end dates of important events)
  • Animator control: the Animator control gives users the ability to animate changing data over time by auto-selecting values in any dimension and playing them in a loop, with or without aggregation.

 Below are some of the other enhancements:

  • Number formatting of master measures
  • Turn on and off borders in containers
  • Custom sorting in Sankey Chart
  • Frequency counts in the filter pane
  • WMS (web map service) layer opacity
  • Hover icons toggle






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