Acumen BI is pleased to announce two new software reseller partnerships with DataRobot and Snowflake.

Both of these companies compliment Acumen’s existing reseller partnership with Qlik, and strengthen our ability to offer end to end data pipelines and leading cloud-data and analytics solutions.

This has been driven by customers and potential customers over the last 18 months, looking for leading technologies to support them with solutions that would provide a scalable and automated data platform as well as a scalable and automated advanced analytics/machine learning.

Both Snowflake and Data Robot are best of breed independent software companies and are also technologies partners of Qlik – ensuring there is excellent integration to facilitate the use of scalable real-time analytics.

In summary Acumen BI now offers:

  • Data Integration
    • Qlik Replicate for zero-footprint, real-time change data capture
    • Snowflake as a scalable and low-cost data platform
    • Qlik Data Catalogue
    • Qlik Compose for Automated Data Warehousing and Managed Data Lake creation
  • Data Analytics
    • Qlik Sense as a leading analytics platform with its patented associative engine
    • Qlik Alerting for real-time data alerting
    • Qlik nPrinting for on-demand reports and fixed format report distribution
    • Data Robot for automated and scalable Advanced Analytics / Machine Learning

An example of how the three technologies complement each other to deliver innovative solutions can be seen in this video:

If you would like to know more about our strategic technology partnerships or how we can support you in delivering end to end data pipelines and leading cloud-data and analytics solutions, please contact us here

About Snowflake

Ingest data from multiple sources in real-time to the Snowflake data warehouse with zero downtime, eliminating the heavy lifting of manual data ingestion processes. Data become cloud transferable across any region or environment without having to re-code your applications. Snowflake automatically handles infrastructure, optimisation, availability and data protection so you can focus on using your data, not managing it. Learn more

About DataRobot

Harness the power of sophisticated AI to take the work out of repetitive data tasks. Data Robot helps Data Scientists do more with less and increase productivity by operating within specified best practise Guardrails. Two-way integration allows operation of Data Robot within your Qlik environment, enabling the automation, modernisation and scaling of predictive insight in less time. Learn more

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