Explore Modern Data and Analytics – Accelerate Insights with 3 Key Components

Multiplatform environment? One tool for every form of analytics? Sure, those are options for your data management and analytics architecture. But to be competitive, most organisations need something simpler and more efficient.

Fortunately, it’s possible – and we’re here to share the details. At the webinar Integrated Cloud Architectures for Modern Data and Analytics, you’ll learn how to combine an automated data integration solution, a powerful cloud data platform and an intelligent analytics offering into an interoperable data pipeline. Speakers from TDWI, Qlik and Snowflake will cover:

– Why the cloud is so powerful for modern analytics and data management
– The reference architecture for and requirements of a unified cloud architecture
– Key use cases in cloud data and analytics

CLICK THIS LINK, choose your language and register to reserve your spot to hear from our expert speakers:

Philip Russom, PhD – Senior Director of Research for Data Management, TDWI
Clive Bearman – Director of Product Marketing, Qlik
Shiyu Gu – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake

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