Full range of Capabilities to support your journey.

Data Engineering / Warehousing

Every organisations’ data environment is unique and constantly evolving. Acumen BI will focus on eliminating complexity from your data pipeline and ensuring flexible and scalable patterns are in place for present and future changes and demands. Most importantly Acumen BI’s approach will ensure delivering outcomes and value to the business is front of mind every step of the way.


Create a better understanding of your business with modern analytics. Empowering your whole organisation, across all skill levels, to make data-driven decisions, gain data insight, and take action when it matters most.

Machine Learning

Acumen BI recognise deriving value from machine learning requires much more than training a model. The Acumen BI team will support you on the journey, including: educating and setting the right expectations for the executive team, putting in place frameworks to continually identify appropriate use cases and training, productionising and monitoring machine learning models that add real value to your organisation.

Service delivery

From solution design and project management through to ongoing support the Acumen BI team has the people, processes and frameworks in place to ensure excellence in service delivery for years to come.

Industry Expertise


Full visibility of your healthcare organisation. Improve patient care and clinical outcomes while maintaining budget awareness.


Combine large amounts of disparate data. Tailor visual presentation to a varied user base. Make assured forecasts and predictions.

Manufacturing and Construction

Maximise operational performance and profitability. Get real time, accurate visibility of raw materials, process capacity and demand.

Financial Services

Anticipate and satisfy customer requirements, ensure accuracy, precision and compliance. Deliver insights that stimulate profitability.

Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution

Engage with multiple supply chains to ensure efficiency and precision. Get things where they need to be earlier, faster and in better condition.


Locate your customers and identify their needs and preferences. Present options and stimulate uptake while making transactions simple and more valuable.