Intuitive Control Chart Extension for Qlik Sense

The Acumen BI Control Charts provide a customisable, supported and easy to use Control Chart extension for Qlik Sense®. All you need to do is set the Dimension and Measure, and let the extension handle the rest.

Automatic Analysis

Identifying trends, outliers and variations in your data is the first step to making confident decisions and improving efficiency and productivity. Outliers, trends and runs are automatically highlighted, and users can set break points to determine and customise the centre line and the upper and lower limits.

Tailored to Your Needs

Acumen BI Control Charts include nine different charts that can be customised and deployed simply and easily. Users can determine labels for dimensions, measures and rules, choose the number of points that highlight runs or trends and fully filter by year or month.

9 Control Charts included:

  • I Chart
  • P Chart
  • P Funnel Chart
  • nP Chart
  • U Chart
  • U Funnel Chart
  • C Chart
  • Run Chart: Mean
  • Run Chart: Median

Take a Test Drive

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