Acumen BI staff from across the country gathered for a final time this year for a day out at the Stardome Observatory’s boardroom in Auckland’s Cornwall Park.

With a backdrop of outer galaxies and Nasa space suits we reflected on 2019, the wonderful customers we work with and the excellent work the Team is supporting.

We discussed a bright looking 2020, up-skilled on Attunity and were lucky enough to have the one and only Mike Tarrallo to join us via web ex. Mike bought us back to Qlik’s secret sauce, the associative engine. We saw a demonstration of Qlik Associative Insights which has been released in the last year, is very powerful and often overlooked.

We were also very impressed by other recent innovations Mike demonstrated including Qlik’s Natural Language Processing (currently available in Cloud Versions) which automatically creates Charts on the fly based on a user’s natural language Questions.

Shortly after 12pm we departed for lunch at Cornwall park Bistro followed by several hours of Archery with the Cornwall park Archery Club. Archery was a great activity with most arrows never quite ending up where you wanted it, plenty missing all together and some smack bang in the middle. Little did we know that while Archery doesn’t require advanced analytics and machine learning it does require a great deal of arithmetic to keep score!!

Lastly, thank you to the Acumen BI team for an enjoyable day and we look forward to building further on our significant achievements in 2019.

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