4 October 2019 | NEWS

Acumen BI Team Day 2019

With beautiful Auckland Harbour Bridge views as the backdrop, Acumen BI staff from across the country along with their colleagues from Acumen Consulting gathered at Oram’s Captain’s Lounge to share ideas, innovations and training. With a primary focus on delivering exceptional data solutions for customers, the day was packed with presentations and updates to ensure Acumen BI’s consultants remain the most skilled and knowledgeable the industry has to offer.



Thanks to Acumen BI’s diverse range of customers the day was rich with real-life examples and learnings that can be applied across its whole suite of data solutions. The talk was not all around the technology either, with workshops on marketing, sales and identifying opportunities further developing the expertise of the team. When assembling our team, meticulous attention to their technical capabilities was vital, however these skills are enhanced by ongoing development in key business areas. Ultimately this helps us recognise opportunities to add value in every deployment we do.

Exploring the upcoming innovations from our software partners along with our in-house developed solutions that enhance the core Qlik software was a major part of the afternoon session. Qlik’s Business Intelligence solutions were showcased and looked at from an end user-centric perspective to ensure customers get the most out of them. Emphasis on one-size-does-not-fit-all figured prominently. Every business is unique, therefore every implementation of crucial data solutions must be tailored. The team day serves as a regular touch point to ensure that Acumen BI delivers well beyond expectations.

The end of the day saw activity based customer initiative brainstorming along with team building games and a lot of laughter. The team enjoyed a dinner and furthered their reputation as a fun and effective bunch to deal with. Acumen BI hold team days every six months as they are recognised as valuable parts of an industry-leading service offering. Every point is crucially linked back to a customer experience or opportunity which means the future is bright for Acumen BI customers.


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