Retail is an industry in transformation. 

It’s a new generation of customer – mobile, connected and empowered – that’s driving this transformation. These days customers demand personalised service and seamless cross-channel interactions with brands – and they will handsomely reward merchants who can meet these demands.  

That of course, means pressure for retailers. Pressure to better know their customers, to better anticipate those customer demands and to do it all while maintaining margin.

Acumen are the experts in helping businesses leverage their business data to meet this ever-shifting market. Uniting customer, inventory and supply chain data, Acumen’s retail BI solution helps business owners create connected, data-driven retail outfits that customers return to again and again.

Acumen liberates your data, bringing cross-channel and cross-location visibility to your business, helping you create powerful data-driven customer experiences all while tracking inventory and monitoring costs.

Analyse and understand the customer better through customer journey insights. Using transaction and interaction data, retailers can create hyper-personalised experiences that result in more loyal customers. Access even deeper insights by accessing data from in-store sources such as mobile beacons and sensors , then seamlessly combine that information for a more complete view of the customer than has ever been possible – all at the click of a button. 

Using omni-channel analytics, detailed performance measurement and customer data, Acumen helps retailers generate genuine insights and transform themselves into smarter, more customer-centric businesses.

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