Unlike many other industries and sectors, the sheer volume of data is a challenge in the public sector. Numerous data sources and areas of focus can make discerning trends between silos of data and drawing conclusive insights difficult.

In order to improve services for citizens, this data needs to be collated into one place and easy mechanisms for multiple users to interrogate it made available.

Acumen’s business intelligence solutions can not only curate tremendous amounts of data but present it in a variety of customisable dashboard interfaces, tailored to each users’ specific requirements.

With a consultative approach to the outcomes and effects of user decision making, public data becomes increasingly more valuable over time enables long and short-term decisions to be made confidently and with effective and visible results.

No matter the size, condition or number of data sources, Acumen delivers clarity and accessibility. You'll be armed with a tailored visual of your data and able to make assured decisions and predictions.