Manufacturing has always been a data-driven industry – but never more than today. It’s a new era, one fuelled by new technology, ever-increasing data volumes and a microscopic approach to maximising operational performance.

From managing supply chains to creating efficiencies on the shop floor to customer tracking, this rapid digitisation is creating a wealth of opportunities.

Better understand the factory floor: Analyse equipment efficiency, run-time and quality to create improvements across the operation.

Track sales targets, monitor open orders and build forecasts to better anticipate demand.

Integrate IoT tech for new insights. Draw on multiple data sources to better understand your KPIs. Then visualise it all at the click of a button.

Acumen’s BI solution brings radical new levels of visibility and analysis to manufacturing operations, helping you streamline processes and maximise efficiencies. Leverage internal and external data to manage supply chain complexity and inventory demands easily. Visualise the entire supply chain ecosystem – or just a part of it – in moments.


Agile and flexible, Acumen brings a truly data-driven approach to manufacturing, enabling confident decision making based on real data.