As regulation, fintech innovation and data growth continues at pace, the financial services industry is in a state of transition.

But while the challenges are both complex and myriad, the opportunities are profound too. Acumen’s BI solution for financial services brings simplicity to the complexity, maximising visibility across the business, bringing insight into business processes and informing the decision-making process by replacing gut feeling with hard data.

Data analytics is crucial for better decision making. Acumen unites disparate strands of information and makes it available to everyone, helping your business identify new opportunities, increase efficiencies, and minimise costs, while bringing confidence to the decision-making process.

Using multi-source data analytics, Acumen helps decision makers surface data, gain valuable insights from the market, the business, and the customer, and create a smarter, more profitable companies.

For frontline staff, Acumen can leverage those same insights to create truly valuable, memorable, personalised customer experiences.

From higher levels of customer satisfaction to easier regulatory compliance, lower overheads to a better understanding of marketplace trends, to a host of other applications, Acumen BI for Financial Services liberates your data.