Talk to Acumen today about automating your data pipeline.

  • Load and sync data from sources with ease. Source feeds are loaded in real time with change data capture (CDC).

  • Automate data model design and source mapping. Data models can be created or imported, then modified and enhanced iteratively.

  • Streamline data warehouse and ETL generation. ETL code is auto-generated to populate and load data warehouses.

  • Deploy data marts without manual coding. Data mart types are selected from a broad array of options including transactional, aggregated, or state-oriented.

  •  Automatically create metadata during design phases or implementation. Re-generate data lineage when changes are implemented.

  • Validate data before it is loaded by identifying and repairing format issues and discrepancies.

  • Configure and enforce pre-loading rules to automatically discover and remediate issues with values, formats, data ranges, and duplication while also implementing exception policies.