Steps for Acumen BI Customers to add ID to Tenant

Acumen BI Partner ID 351666

  1. Log into your Tenant. Use this link to navigate to the subscriptions page or from the home page of the tenant, click on the user icon and select Settings.

  2. Click on Account settings.

  3. Then navigate to Subscriptions.

  4. Use the pen icon to enter edit mode. If you have multiple subscriptions make sure you are adding the ID to the correct record.

  5. Enter the 6-digit Partner ID (351666) provided by the Partner and click Add.

  6. You will receive a message to confirm the Partner ID (351666) has been entered successfully and the Partner ID is now visible on the Subscription record.

How to Edit or Remove a Partner ID

Follow steps 1 – 4 to navigate to your subscription record(s) and enter edit mode.

  1. To Remove a partner ID completely click on the remove button
  2. To Edit the ID provided, enter the new Partner ID number (351666) and click Update.