With the infinite variables involved in your construction projects, visualising the big picture and having real-time data you can trust is crucial to controlling costs and measuring progress.

Across your organisation from project managers to business directors we know meticulous attention to detail is required, so ensuring the right information is presented in a usable format is the key.

Business Intelligence solutions from Acumen will deliver visibility and clarity in real time so you and your people can focus on delivering successful construction projects.

Whether its forecasting the costs of assets, labour, materials or plant and equipment, a tailored dashboard will provide immediate analysis on cash-flow, profitability and variations whether its unexpected or anticipated.

Reacting or planning with confidence will become second nature because you know your dashboard will present the data to reinforce your decisions.

Acumen will deliver unmatched visibility of your projects, helping to manage costs, resources and progress. Allocate assets and labour effectively and ensure profitability.