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Using Qlik Cloud to Embed Analytics in Blogs

Qlik Cloud: FREE Embedded Analytics in Blogs

Just like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings blog four is coming before blog three! Previous posts have focused on helping you understand what we mean by Embedded Analytics and Mashups (Embedded Analytics and Mashups: Why should I care?)  and how to begin to integrate these into internal and external portals  (Deploying Embed Analytics to an Internal/External Webserver using ‘Qlik Sense Enterprise’).

This blog focus on how to use Qlik Cloud  to embed Qlik content into blogs and more importantly its free.


  1. Register for free at:  https://qlikcloud.com/

  2. Watch the Qlik Cloud registration and orientation video at:

  3. Create your Qlik Application that has the charts you wish to embed in your blog. This can be completed using:
  • Qlik Cloud

Qlik Sense Cloud - Import your own data

Qlik Sense Cloud - Create your first app

We are now ready to start sharing content and embedding it in blogs or other applications. To do this follow the steps below.

Sharing Content in Blogs

1.      Login Qlik Cloud at: https://qlikcloud.com/

2.      Open the Qlik Application  AND Sheet that you wish to Embed Content From

3.      Right click on the Chart you wish to embed and select Share (this operation may take time)

4.      You will then be presented with a box confirming the chart has been shared on Qlik Cloud and the Embed URL (I frame Code)

5.      You can now take the Iframe code and apply this to your Webpage as required

6.      If you ever need to get the Iframe code again your Shared Charts can be found on the main Qlik Cloud Menu under Qlik Sense Charts

7.      Notes:

a.      Repeat steps above for multiple charts

b.      The embedded content does have a powered by Qlik icon underneath. It is free.

c.      Data will not be automatically refreshed.

d.      Charts are not interactive but do respect selections at the time of sharing.

8.      The finished content could look like the below….

For this blog post I want to demonstrate how to embed analytics using the free Qlik Cloud to help organisations form Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland and every where in between. Below is an example of a chart with no selections:

And here is an example of one that does respect selections:

If you need to take embedded analytics further than what the FREE Qlik Cloud offers please contact Acumen to discuss your requirements in more detail

If you would like to discuss Embedded Analytics and Mashups more I would love to hear from you,

Dan Gargiulo
Qlik Practice Lead
Acumen BI

E-Mail: danielg@acumenbi.co.nz
Mobile: 0278388183

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